Witches in a warehouse!!!!!

Witches in a warehouse, with nothing to do but cause trouble!!!!
It has been four years Aug 13’th, sense this incident Happened….. I’m still mad…. It ain’t easy to be a guy in a world where witches rule, and men have no rights… YOU DON”T ACCUSE A MAN OF SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO!!!!!! I have a bucket of water, and I’m not afraid to use it……. I’m melting would be music to my ears….. If I knew which¬† witch to threw the water on….
I have the strangest things happen to me, If I wrote a book no one would believe me……
I’ve waited a long time to tell this story… In the middle of August, 2014, I was accused of harassing some woman in a ware house near where I work. If I get on stage with my guitar I want people to pay attention to me, if they make noise, that’s cool. When I go to lunch, I want to be left alone, I want it quiet!!!! I get mad if some one bothers me!!!! If I stayed at work at lunch, it would turn into the noisiest half hour of the day!!!! I found a quiet shady place out behind a building for lunch. No one bothered me….. On the way to my quiet place, I had to pass the ware house!!!! I never stopped there, I never went inside the building. I did not talk to anyone…. I do not know any one in the warehouse, or any body’s name. I did not know what they did in that building!!!! I would see people when I drove by, they were eating lunch, smoking their cigarettes. I hate cigarette smoke!!!!! Some of the woman I saw were old and ugly, others were alright, but too young for me. Needless to say, I never asked any woman there for a date!! Work made me sign a paper that I would not do lunch any where in the industrial park. You have no idea how mad I was!!!!!! Now I have to leave the park, and find another place for lunch. Every place I go, turns into grand central station, barking dogs, lawn mowers, carpenters, noise, noise, noise!!!!!!
I spent over a year thinking there were many woman accusing me of harassment, turns out, there was only one!!! I have been traumatized by this injustice, I am very unhappy, and wish I could quit work and get away from there!!!!! I’m afraid to talk to woman any where I go now. I’m afraid to ask any woman for a date!! I don’t even know which woman is my accuser!!! My boss did not believe me, that I did nothing. He believed the woman!!!!! I should amend that statement to say, that my boss had no choice but to believe the woman… Cause in the eyes of the law woman are always right, even when they are crying wolf…. I found that out with my crazy second wife, and her obsession with restraining orders…..¬† Who ever the woman is. I’m afraid to be in the industrial park!!!! There have been no more accusations, but I’m not holding my breath…… I hope she burns in hell….
So I am working on a song, Witches in a ware house, with nothing to do but cause trouble, they could have smoked their cigarettes, they could have rode their brooms, I’m glad I didn’t take that carpet ride, to my doom…. It’s a chorus, and a bridge with out any verses… I’ve been singing it at work, and have stuck in my bosses head… It must be good.
It’s too bad that having a vagina, gives woman the power to mess with a mans head, and totally screw up his life, woman are so wrong!! If woman knew how to love, instead of create havoc, the world would be better!!!! If making love is the secret to life, and the reason we are here, and alive, woman have totally missed the boat in the big picture!!!
I told you crazy things happen to me!!! And I hate it !!!!!! I have often said, that the most dangerous thing a man can do, is touch a female!!!!! The repercussions are too much to handle. People wonder why I keep them at a distance… I’ll never get married again, or never let a woman live with me… This old blind singer, guitarist, I knew once said, never have a woman in a band… There are too many problems….
In June 2016, on the way home from work, I had some inspiration for some verses to this story.. I took the new ideas, and the old notes I had scribbled down, and wrote the song..
Witches in a warehouse..
verse 1
Hell is coming to get me, from that industrial park..
There.s wicked evil woman, and their fingers give off sparks..
That dam warehouse, is a gateway to Hell..
I’m smack in the middle, of a mad vestal spell…
Witches in a warehouse, with nothing to do, nothing to do but cause trouble..
Witches in a warehouse, with nothing to do, nothing to do, but brew up trouble..
And persecute me..
Verse 2.
It’s a toxic drive to work, five days a week.
To an industrial park, a coven of female freaks.
They are fly by night, witch hell by day..
Send them back to Salem, make them go away..
Repeat refrain..
They could have smoked their cigarettes, they could have rode their brooms,
I didn’t take that carpet ride, to me doom….So why are they bothering me??
Verse 3
Now I understand why, they burned them at the stake..
The wrong place the wrong tine, that is my mistake..
It’s a toxic situation, I got caught in evils crack..
I don’t want the cauldron ride, I just want my life back..
Repeat refrain..
I don’t want their dirty laundry, they can’t rent my soul.
Send those dirty witches, back into the Devils hole…
Never piss off a song writer, you never know what hes going to write!!!!

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