Hayloft High School….

I was driving home from karaoke on a Friday night, and Hayloft High School hit out of no where… I have a friend at a music store, I run ideas by him, and he loved this one….. He tells me if my ideas suck….
Musicians complain karaoke hurt the live music business, and it probably did…. But helped me learn to be a better singer……
I’m working on it as a song idea, I have more potential ideas than will fit into one song…. I will post it on here, when I like what I have on paper….
For now I like it as a tee shirt idea, and had it made at a fair….
Hayloft High School, were getting a few F’s, is a good thing…..

Hayloft High School..
A higher education…
Get some straight A’s…

Other tee shirt ideas,
No wife, no girlfriends,
No one night stands,
No restraining orders,
no jail time
No problems……

Every time I get lucky, it ruins my life…..

I love cosmic satisfaction reactors…… {  It’s a hook up hole…. }

I have a bucket of water, and I’m not afraid to use it….

Take me to a planet where females like men, love sex, and there’s no such thing as a restraining order…….

I had a shirt made to wear to King Richards Faire in the fall.
I love witch spice, and hot cauldron rides…..

A tee shirt that started out as a joke, and a guy at work had it made for me… I waited three and a half months for it and it was suppose to be on bolth sides, it’s on the front only.. But it’s work of art, the logo is dyed into the shirt….. He didn’t charge me for it…
Official Government Secret
Keep out
It’s a spoof on area 51, and a jab at woman who don’t understand what being human men and woman are all about….. Too hook up, is to be normal…. Hey, that would make a great tee shirt….










No one night stands,
No restraining orders,
No problems…..

Every time I get lucky,
It ruins my life!!!!!

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