Angry Divorced guy!!!!!

Updated, added to, July 19, 2024..
After my second divorce it was kill myself, or be funny… People don’t realize the post traumatic stress that a man go’s threw during a divorce, and after wards.. Basically your wife and her lawyer use the court system to screw you royally!!!!! After Marriage to a serial cheater, and a crazy alcoholic, I was a mess…. A lot of comedy, anger, and observation came out of the melt down… I have 22 songs on you tube, and have thought about making some videos of comedy, and story’s to put on you tube…. A guy at work has been sticking his phone in my face, and will start with a question.. He videos my improve reply.. He says the videos are better when I look and sound angry.. The anger-yer  the better.. He says he is going to put the videos on you tube.. I’m waiting.. I don’t know if I want to be known as the angry Divorced guy world over, but the story’s are real, and guys can relate to them…
I figure half the viewers will love them, half will hate them…. Either way I got your attention… If they go viral, maybe it will help me market my songs… I have a life time of ideas to fall back on…..
Sense I wrote this, the guy who made the videos quit… I was told he deleted the videos…. That’s a shame, cause I don’t remember what a lot the videos are about… I could make some of my own…..

Here is a sample.. This material is R, and X rated…. Be warned…

Question, when was the first time you got laid????
I was 13 in the hay field behind my grand parents house.. It was with the girl down the street…. It was great!!!!! She would not do it again… I was insanely disappointed…. I was 17 before I got laid again.. It was the longest 4 years of my life…..  I have felt bad, cause she died young… I have never got laid as much, or as often as I wanted to, or needed to…. Woman have kept me celibate most of my life… My dick went to waste, cause woman let pussy go to waste… You can’t wear it out….. Now I’m old, and it’s been so long sense I got laid, I don’t know if i can get it up.. I won’t know if pills will help till I find a woman who want’s to sleep with me… Men need constant practice, Use it or lose it…

Question, would you fuck a midget???
Reply, if she was pretty…. I don’t do fat or ugly!!!! I mean fucking a midget would be like fucking a 12 year old, but it would be legal… My first wife was almost like fucking a midget… She was 4 foot 11 inches tall…. Last time i saw her she looked like the girl on Willy Wonka who eat the blueberry desert… A beach ball with arms and legs… She fucked every man but me after she had me for a marriage meal ticket…. I divorced her when one of her many boy friends tried to shoot me… She was 31, he was 19…. She bailed him out of jail….

Question, what happened with the peach whiskey woman???
I met her at a ren faire, in 2018… I have tried to date her off and on sense then… It always ends up the same, I won’t see her for a while.. She makes me late for movies, keeps me waiting in the car for her… She says five minuets, she means 25 minuets…. She won’t let me in her apartment, and won’t let me touch her.. Says she hasn’t had sex for 17 years, and will never sleep with me… I wouldn’t believe most woman if they told me she hadn’t had sex for 17 years.. They lie and cheat so much, they don’t know what the truth is.. But she keeps calling and texting me…. In Oct of 2020, I was taking her to see the kid detective at the theater… I bought her a bottle of peach whiskey.. She said she loved it… She left me sitting in the car waiting for her… Finally i left and went to the movie by myself… She called 15 minuets into the movie…. she got a phone call, that held her up…. She insisted I come see her after the movie.. I just wanted to go home…. She got drunk on the whisky, and ruined my night… Even drunk she wouldn’t let me touch her… I didn’t get home till 1.00 in the morning….. Turns out she was in love with a married guy, who called that night while I was waiting across the street.. I can’t park in her drive way either…. It always feels like I am competing with an other guy.. She sleeps with one guy and uses me for dinner or a movie… And I tell her that….. She loves my honesty, but won’t change, or sleep with me… I’ve broke up with her for months…..
I told her no ticket no laundry and never heard from her again.. It will be two years October 2024..
I want a time machine.. I want to go back to the 50’s, or the 60’s, and get some girls who actually want to fuck!!!!! I am tired of these allergic to sex females I’m trying to date…… If you ain’t gonna have sex with me, don’t hustle me for dinner…..

Question, What was your first wife like..
She was sneaky… She did a lot of cheating….. Once in a while she got caught…. She wasn’t very maternal, She wasn’t much of a mother.. She may have loved the kids in her own way, but not the way she should have… I was her meal ticket, she bragged she got pregnant so I would have to take care of her… At the time, I was trying to play in bands, just about the time, people would have my phone number, she would change the number… I figured out later, the number change was cause a guy was leaning on her… She may have been a cheat, but she didn’t want to lose her meal ticket…. I divorced her when one of her many boyfriends tried to shoot me in my driveway.. He was 19, she was 31…. She had seen him for 3 years….
I got a restraining order, divorced her. It totally screwed up the kids, Her mother raised them… She fought me for custody, but didn’t want them… I had to give her way too much money to keep the house, and struggled to pay for it…

Update, July 2024..
What was your second wife like???
She came in like a Lamb, turned into something that makes a Loin look tame…. She turned on the charm, and poured the pussy all over me.. I fell head over heals… She lied about her first husband, her marriage…. She desperately wanted a house, and I had one… She got pregnant, Probably so I couldn’t run away… Maybe she was happy for a while.. The drinking took over, she would get drunk and want to fight.. If she couldn’t win an argument, she would get a restraining order.. 2 weeks of sleeping at my mothers, or grand mothers.. Then she would want me back.. Sometimes she would want to get laid in the middle of a restraining order.. I worked too many hours cause she couldn’t hold a job.. I was supporting her drinking problem… I quit playing in bands, she was bringing her drinking problem to my gigs.. She would get wasted, be dancing with the guys in the bar.. Trying to feel her up on the dance floor… Sounds like a country song.. I never forgave her for that… Things got worse, she would drive around drunk.. She couldn’t pay the bills, it would interfere with her drinking money.. I had to take over the bills.. When she quit drinking, things didn’t get better.. She was more of a bitch sober than drunk… she cheated on me at A.A., would bring her lovers home in front of me.. When I had enough, I divorced her.. She wouldn’t let me have my things back…
Five months after the divorce was final, she had a stroke and died.. Her first husband gave me an ear full about what she did to him.. I came along about the time he took the money away from her.. She had an ad version to paying bills.. She serial cheated on him, and drank a lot..
I got the kids back, the house back, my guitars back, tools back, model trains back, my life back.. Some of my early note books can’t be found, I have most of them.. She saved my life when she died…. The 3 kids are grown up, my 2 step sons like me better than their mother… She left me with a stack of bills, and post divorce stress syndrom… It has benn 19 years… I will never get married again, I won’t let any females live with me… No man should ever touch tits, or a vigina,, Females are nothing but trouble..

I will add more later..

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