commitment! / Dear January.

A coward, A player, A loser, A cheater, A cad, A person with no integrity.
Will run away when things get tough. It takes real courage to make a commitment, and keep a commitment! Courage to over come the fear of commitment. It takes wisdom to see that somebody loves you, and wants to be beside you. When you are in love, you don’t run away when you have a fight or a problem. You stand firmly in place, and resolve to fix the it, or find a compromise.
never walk away, never jump into another relationship! you bring your faults with you. And doom your self to another failed relationship.
If you were cheated on, and dumped, do not let what that person did to you, break up every relationship you are ever in. Not everybody is like the one who hurt you.
And never leave some one who loves you, on the bloody side of a broken heart.
If I judged every woman I meet by my two ex wife’s, I’d never give any woman a chance.  The two wife’s couldn’t keep a commitment, or be faithful.
This is a slap at my ex girlfriend, who couldn’t make or keep a commitment.  She ran away at the first little problem, into the arms of a stranger/ player. She couldn’t see what she  had, was worth keeping!  Probably cause she was a player, I was the flavor of the fall, and not the only man in her life.
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Dear January Snow,
We had something special. Something you can’t buy. I was willing to change for you, you were not willing to meet me half way, or change for me.  It’s been more than three months sense the week end you brought a total stranger home for Christmas week end. Did you forget we had already made plans. Did you think it was cool to cheat on me. Did it give you a feeling of power to manipulate two men. You brought me coffee at noon time Saturday, and then went on a date with another man! you said you just met him on the computer. Or was he some one you knew from work. Had you been seeing him behind my back all along, two men at the same time! Christmas week, you finally got caught two timing me. Then you had to break up with one of us, why me? And why on Christmas Eve? Of all moments in the year!
When I met you, I asked you to go to a fair with me Labor day week end. You said I have company for the week end, Who was it ? Did you dump somebody for me? Or was he one of your little black book buddy’s, you could call any time. You waited till after you started sleeping with me, to tell me you had a boy friend in New York, you hadn’t broke up with, he had already gone back by Labor day weekend, or did he? You lied to me before we ever went on a date. An yet I trusted you. Even when you went on your out of town, out of sight business trips, or when we weren’t together. I never cheated on you!
If you had stayed around, we could have worked out our problems. There were no problems we couldn’t have fixed or compromised on. If you weren’t a player, who turned tail and ran, at the first sign of a problem,  we would still be together.  I say, that I was not the problem, it was you. I never gave up on us, I never quit on you. You quit on me, us!
I hope the new guy knows what he got him self into, I wish I could tell him. I wish I could tell him the whole story, my side of it.
Dear January, I’m sorry for my mistakes. I never would have deliberately done anything to make you mad, or make you leave. Now I wish I never met you. You could have skipped me, and gone directly to the man from Maine. I would have never gotten hurt.  Maybe there’s more to the cheating story you told me a bought your husband. Maybe it wasn’t all him. Maybe you cheated too. Maybe that’s why he left you.  I’ll never know the truth, you’ll never tell the truth.
I hate to say it, dating new woman, are making you look good! At least I could talk to you, other woman are not as easy to talk to.
You left me with hard to heal broken heart, I won’t forget you any time soon! I wouldn’t be so hurt if you made any effort, at all, to still be friends. I thought we were friends, I was wrong.
what you did was wrong!
It’s not far fetched to imagine you’ve been cheating on the boy friend in New York for years. He’s so far away he’d never know. You called me a nice fling. You were never a fling to me, this was the real thing too my eyes. How many flings came before me? This is a question you will never answer! I’ll find some one new, some day when your bridges are all burned, you’ll wish you had me back. Thank you January Snow, the nam, and it hurt a lot too!
I guess there is no good time, or good way too break up. Maybe this wouldn’t have hurt as much, If you had gone about it differently. The way you blew me off Christmas week end, when we had plans. The way you dumped me on Christmas Eve. the way you replaced me, before you broke up with me. But you did the same thing too the boy friend in New York. Who else have you done the same thing too? I would have taken you back, now I realize you’d stay for a while, and leave me again, for someone else. I can’t handle that. Better to take a chance on some one new. It seams all woman, lie, cheat, steal, use you, manipulate you, shut you off, dump you They hate men, hate sex, all they care a bought is, money, power, property, security, and control of everything. I can’t live like that.
If it seems like I’m making you look bad,  that’s not my intention. Even tho it was short lived, and ended very badly, you are the best thing that has happened to me for a long time! If I could find you, I can find somebody else. your stupidity will be another woman’s gain.

P.S. Dear January, all those phone calls you received in my presence, that you never answered.  You told me the calls were your son, and you would call him back later. It wasn’t hard to figure out those calls were from other men. When it really was your son, you would answer the phone. I’m not as stupid as you and my ex wife’s thought I was. I should have a burned by a player Insurance policy.

What do you get if you cross Benedict Arnold, with Mary Magdalene?   My ex girlfriend!

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  1. Madison Tatum says:

    I understand where you come from with this blog, I’ve struggled with addiction to lesbian pornography for years and it’s like your divorces have given you the same pain I’ve had to deal with

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