Nicole Frechette

Sometime in 2009, I was going to the Charlie Horse in West Bridgewater for country night.  The Boston country station, KLB, was doing a singing contest. I was going in there and getting up and singing. But an old guy who doesn’t sing so great was no match for a bunch of young women who are wicked hot. I never won.

There was a young woman named Nicole Frechette who was getting up and singing in the contest, and with the band that was there. I talked to her a bunch of times and thought she was a very good singer, as well as beautiful. I asked her if she had a phone number or e-mail address. She gave me her self-titled CD, which I thought was very nice. I listened to it, put it in my pile of CDs and promptly forgot about it. It was very good though.

Nicole, was driving around an hour and  a half, from southern Connecticut to sing. I wouldn’t drive that far for a gig.

I stopped going in the Charlie Horse for reasons of time, and I felt out of place, like a high school dance. There was nobody old enough to dance with, let alone date.

Labor Day weekend, 2012, I looked up the Woodstock Fair in Connecticut to see who was the entertainment. I’d already seen Chuck Wicks, and I had seen Easton Corbin, but Easton was a short set opening for The Band Perry and Brad Paisley. At the fair, he was the headliner, and a much better show. What caught my eye was that Nicole Frechette was the opening act, so I made sure I went and saw her show. I bought her new CD and a picture. I stood in line for autographs and when it was my turn, to my amazement, she remembered me, remembered where she’d met me, and remembered that she had given me her CD. We were holding up the line talking. She spent a lot of time with me. I gave her my card, and told her I was on YouTube and had a web site. She signed the picture and the CD. It was hard to believe that she remembered me, and I couldn’t imagine her being more beautiful than she was when I first met her.

On the way home, I listened to her new CD, entitled Listen Hear. This CD is very good. As good as anything on the radio. Better than the Kennedy wedding crasher. On the second CD the standout song is track 3: He Wants Me. This song is mind-blowingly good. there is nothing on the radio like it. Its better than fastest girl in town. { Sorry Miranda. } Followed by Heartbreak Overdrive, Honey They Lied, and Take The Pain. On her first album, Yeah Right, a song about denying you’re in love, is the standout, and Cross Against the Moon, followed by What You Think About That and Don’t Make Me Go Tonight. There’s not a bad song on either album. What’s really cool is I have the original first album. She’s still selling the same CD, but with an updated cover. I got to thank her for the CD and it was nice to know she remembered me. I always felt forgettable. I’d really like to see her make it and hear her all over the radio, and be able to say “I met her before she was famous.”  Good luck Nicole, knock ’em dead!

If you like this review, check out Nicole’s two c.d.’s, and tell your friends on face book about Nicole, and my site.

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  1. Phil Bouldry says:

    Hey Gary,

    I know what you mean about the Charlie Horse. I went there during that same time period as you did. I sang in the karaoke contest also. I do a great “My Maria”. After I sang, a very beautiful , much younger woman than myself, got up to sing her turn. I was a bit disappointed that as the entire time she sang, she did this weird vibrating thing, obviously and blatantly making her breasts jiggle as she sang. I remember thinking that she sang ok, but the jiggle would make her win because the judges are guys. She won. I don’t have breasts so I didn’t go back.

    I don’t remember her name, but I don’t think it was Nicole Frechette.

    See ya next time

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