Before kids, wives, guitars, girls, movies, divorce, there were trains…. { My dog, King… A Collie mix, came before trains… He died of old age when I was 13…}
I have had trains as long as I can remember… My uncles gave me their Lionel trains when I was really too young for them….. My mother would set up what seemed like a grand layout in the living room where we lived when I was little… Some times a girl named Wendy would come over and play trains with me….. Like I said I was too young, A lot of track and trains got broken, and I took them out to the sand pile with the toy trucks and ruined them….. We moved when I was eight, I hated the new town, there were lots of bullies, and I was a misfit… I did make a couple of friends who had Lionel trains… There was a friend named Guy, who had h.o. trains, the first time I ever saw that scale…. Along the way, I ended up with more Lionel trains I’d set them up on my bed room floor… I don’t remember where got them. As teen I knew a guy who had n. gauge trains on a 4 by 8 plywood, and was amazed they could be so small…. As an adult, I got into H.O. trains… They were smaller than Lionel, and looked more like real trains than Lionel…… At first I didn’t know what was a quality model train, from the cheap junk, but I learned along the way… Better was more expensive, and much of the cars were kits to be assembled….
My second wife, wanted me to be friends with her first husband, It didn’t happen over night… He introduced me to train shows, then we joined a train club…. They had N, G, and h.o. scale trains all in the same small building…. After a few years, the club went out of business…
I was harassed by my second wife to get rid of things, I got rid of my Lionel trains. If I knew I would have a son, I would have kept them…… I discovered The South shore model rail road club, It was under a store, and they had a train show and open house twice a year…. It was there I discovered Christmas train cars…. After that I stared buying Christmas cars anytime I saw one… Then I started asking the dealers if they had any, sometimes you couldn’t see them…… I don’t know how many h.o. Christmas train cars I have…..There are three small Xmas steam locomotives, two nice steam locomotives, a Broadway unlimited 4-6-2, It plays Xmas music, and has train sound.. It’s dc, or dcc.. The 4-6-4, is a Franklin mint, and part of a set, one Diesel, only three Xmas tank cars, six cabooses…… The kadee Xmas cars are the best detailed, and come in a see threw protective box…. H.O. Xmas cars have become hard to find the last couple of years…. Mostly they are used, when someone dies the family sells the trains to a dealer, sometimes i end up with them…. The Xmas trains are only one third of my h.o. collection…. I have New haven, Conrail, Boston and Maine, Maine central, Vermont rail ways. Burlington Northern, And other road names of less importance…….
A couple of years ago, A dealer offered me a deal on a Lionel Christmas train set, with the add on set, in the original box, plus an extra car…… He was tired of lugging a set no one wanted , from show to show… The price was too cheap to pass up.. I don’t know if the Xmas set was a mistake, because I’ve amassed a bigger collection of Lionel Xmas cars and locomotives that I need or planned on….. I recently did an inventory, and have six rail king Xmas cars, 26 K. line Xmas train cars, { two are cabooses. } 55 Lionel train cars, { four cabooses. } four that are not Xmas, or are other brands….. Between 80, and 95 cars…. I have four steam locomotives, not expensive ones, one diesel, all are Xmas….   I really didn’t need the amount of trains I have…. The bright side is, trains have a resale value, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, woman, have no resale value at all… I just need more time, more money, and a bigger house for my trains and guitars and amps…… Trains are becoming a dying hobby, the younger generations are not into it… Too many electronic gadgets……
I need a girl friend who likes trains and guitars…..

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