Runaround Sue, is never going to throw me in jail…..

For those of you not old enough to know, Runaround Sue is a song by Dion and the Belmont’s from the early sixty’s…….. It’s on you tube…. The song is about a serial cheater, the guy is in love with her… You don’t ever want to be a boyfriend, or husband to a serial cheater….. Trust me on that point…..
At the time the song was a little racy, and not a subject you would talk about on the radio…. It was a big hit…….
In light of the Hollywood sex scandal, and the casting couch fall out that has rocked the movie and music industry, and the Me too movement, { I hope they used lot of toilet paper to clean that up… } I’m posting my thoughts on dating……..
In the song It says, keep away from Runaround Sue……. Good advice!!!!!!
Never talk to Runaround Sue, or her sisters…. Do not ask Sue to dance… Do not try to hold her hand, hug her, kiss her…. Sue and her sisters are pure evil, do not spend the night with sue, do not ever under any circumstances, touch her sweater bumps…… Never, never, touch Sue or any of her sisters child support tunnel…… Penetrating that unholy grail will get you a lot of jail time…….. How many unsuspecting guys thought he had permission to at night, then got arrested for rape the next day…. Her word against yours, men loose…..
A woman only has power over a guy if the guy gives her the power….. I won’t …..
I will not date any woman!!!!! I will not touch any woman…. It’s not safe to have sex with any woman out there… I will not give woman the power to throw me in jail….. I’ll be safe…. Don’t get near me, and don’t penetrate my wallet……..
You might find my assessment of the current state of affairs, or the lack of affairs, strange….. The sex scandal has got me spooked, even a woman said to me this isn’t Holly wood, what are you so afraid of…… I’ve had no luck with woman, and can’t afford to take chances that could ruin my life….
Now runaround Sue was a tramp… I don’t condone cheating, I’ve been the victim of it…. But runaround Sue understood the importance of regular sex, something that today’s woman have forgotten, or never learned…… Why would a slut like runaround Sue have a man thrown in jail for wanting to have sex, or for having sex?????? Now Isn’t that a good question!!!!!! So lady’s and tramps, why would you have a man thrown in jail for wanting to have sex???? After all, your all runaround Sue when men ain’t looking… Can’t rape a hooker, a tramp, a slut, or runaround Sue….. Think about it….. I ain’t going to jail!!!!!

Father time has fixed it so that mother nature and her Minions can never screw me over again……. It feels good to be free…. Runaround Sue can’t get me any more!!!!!!!

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