Woodstock and other fairs…..

No the Woodstock fair is not the famous music festival that was held on Max’s farm in up state New York, in 1969…..  Aug 2019 will be the 50’th anniversary of the event… I wonder if they will have an anniversary concert to commemorate it…. { The 50’th anniversary Woodstock concert got canceled, with out any bands playing a note… }
The Woodstock fair in C.T., is my favorite fair of all the ones I’ve been to…… This year I’m going on Saturday Sept 1, to see the Cowsills in the afternoon…. There are three original members… In the evening I will be seeing the Lov’in spoonful…. Two original members…. There will be local bands all day long on the south stage….. One of my favorite parts of the fair is the section of old farm tractors, old machines, old cars, trucks, and original one cylinder gas engines……. There are many exhibits, and live stock to see…. If you look for  the local buildings, boy scouts, church, 4H, cheer leaders, you can find food reasonable….
My uncle had a farm when I was a kid, that’s where I got the love for a farm and the machines…. My two grandfathers had gardens…….
I went to the Barnstable fair in July, I saw Maddie and Tae there…. It’s a nice fair, but it doesn’t have any old tractors or machines……
This weekend I’m going to the Rochester Fair on Friday…. I’ve never been there.. I know it’s small, and there will be a local band…
On Sunday I’m going to the Washington county fair in R.I. There are come old tractors there, and they have a nice tractor / truck pulling track…. The featured act is up and coming singer, Morgan Evans…..  Should be a great day….
There are more Fairs coming up soon, I will be adding to this post……

August 2019…. I saw Matt Snell at the Washington county fair…. Got to meet him, and gave him on of my cards that directs people to you tube… at the time he had the no. 3 song on the local country station…. It has sense been no. 1 for two weeks…
Labor day weekend, I went to the Woodstock fair… I saw Ronnie Milsap in the after noon…. I did not realize he was so old, and didn’t remember that he is blind… He doe’s not sing as good as he use to, but you knew it was him…. I didn’t realize that he had 40 no. hits from 1974 into the 90’s… I bought his hits collection…. On disc one, my favorite song is, it was almost like a song…. I lived that song, along time ago…..
In the evening I saw Mattie mattress, and Ta Ta Tae…. I saw them last year at Barnstable fair…. Tae in a denim skirt was enough to make a guy crazy!!!! WOW!!!!! And they sing really good too….
Just shut up, hold still, and let the guys do the fishing!!!!! We know what kind of fish we want, and what to do with it… Guys don’t tell girls how to dress… If girls are dressed like a slut, it was their own doing… don’t complain… I like learn to fly on your way down, it says a lot….

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