Saveing America.

The once proud republic of America. It,s Constitution, ripped apart, laws enacted to allow the corrupt to operate around it. The agendas, and money, special interests, operate out side the law. All while making more money, better benefits, than you and I will ever see. What we need is A revolutionary tea party! Lets throw all the Politicians in the ocean. Let them drown, Start over with some people who actually care. Power corrupts, and in our government, power has corrupted absolutely. You can,t spend more than you have, more than you can make. End of story! I go to work every day, I can,t be late, I can,t play golf on my bosses time. I can,t borrow money to pay my bills. This is an election year, and there is no one to vote for. At least last election, we had Mac,cane. This time, it,s lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, that is Romney. I certainly hope people vote smarter than they did four years ago. Or America won,t be here in four years, when you need it! When you let A pompous ass stay in office, practically for life, you might as well dump rum down the drain. And your money too! America is no longer, by the people, or for the people. Our government is as bad as The dictators and terrorists we spend billions fighting. The loss is we are not wining, just spinning our wheels! D.N.C. is A procedure to clean an infected womb. Dumber kroute nonsense convention! America needs less nonsense, and more colonial spirit. They once said, every body pulls their weight, our country club leaders, do not. And public figures, have forgotten, they work for the people, the taxed to death payer. When in America, speak English. And hope we never have to learn Chinese. I might be compelled to move to Moscow. They could be more American, than we are now. God bless America, until its gone.

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  1. Madison Tatum says:

    UGH can we impeach Osama already??

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