Nobody Pretty would ever go out with me!!!!!!

I get a kick out of telling females  that no one pretty will ever go out with me…… They get all flustered, and say it isn’t true…… But it is true… And if you talk to enough guys who can’t get a date, can never get girls, you realize there is something to it……
Girls and woman who are really pretty, and have that perfect body size and shape, know it and are likely to be stuck up or conceited about it… When you can get any guy you want anytime you want, your teasing guys, but won’t let them get near you….. But looks won’t last forever…. Someday it will be your turn to be dateless, and loveless….
I started to learn in Elementary School that when I liked a girl, or a girl, was really pretty, they would have nothing to do with me…….. Junior high was no better….. If I liked a girl, I could never get her….. I was afraid of girls, and had something happen in sixth grade that made it worse… In eight grade i was traumatized by an adult man accused of something I didn’t do…… I didn’t know what or why till later…..
Any fear I had was multiplied ten times over…..
High school was the click testing ground….. I was on the outside looking in… Ninth grade, the girl I loved was going out with a senior, and I couldn’t compete with that……  School was a drought when it came to girls, I was surrounded by a sea sexual advertisements, and sensual fashion statements, In your face I’m a female, but  couldn’t get a girl, or any satisfaction…
I hated school, was glad to be away from there….. My great sex experience, was my first wife… She deliberately got knocked up, and made me into her meal ticket…. It ended in disaster.. Divorce bitterness is the worse kind, and never go’s away!!!!!
There are two kinds of woman, the easy slut, and the don’t touch me… I can’t get either!!
There are two kinds of guys, the ones who can get any chick they want in bed any time, and the guys who just can’t get any woman at all…..
After the divorce, I hit the reality that finding a date was not going to happen…. Going to a bar, didn’t get me a date or a girl friend… Every time I liked a woman I could not get her…. I was stuck in a catch 22 of waiting till a woman chased me, and not getting one I wanted…. The prettier they are, the more Impossible they are to get… My second wife came along by chance,  she chased me, till she caught me, and again a meal ticket I became….. Ending in disaster…… The two wives wasted the prime of my life….
I found myself in my early fifty’s, Back in the dating market, to find nothing had changed… Dates were even harder to get, as woman get older, and there are less pretty woman….. The only pretty woman out there are too young for me, any my age are already taken…. I’ve had a few girlfriends that didn’t work out , to find out I was a cheap rental, in between other men…. Is there a woman you can trust not to lie, cheat, and dump me…. Here I am, at 63, with no girlfriend, no dates, no one night stands… Woman who are one night stand easy, can’t be trusted to be faithful… Woman are impossible to get, at least for me… I’ve given up, cause nothing has changed’ girls are still like high school. Nobody pretty, no woman  that I really like will ever go out with me, or sleep with me….. Dating web sites are no help, the ones that want to meet me, are old, fat, and ugly, and live too far away…. If I message someone pretty, they never reply…… I’m almost happily single, and alone….. I have no one to go to a movie with or watch t.v. with, or keep me warm on a cold night, or to talk to.. Fifty years ago, if a man didn’t smoke, drink, do drugs, sleep around, he was the guy woman were looking for….. Now if you don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, your no fun, Females don’t want you, and I’ve eliminated all the single woman…… I’m out of the dating market, there’s no one I’m compatible with…… I’m a goody two shoes……
I don’t have to worry about being lied to, or cheated on, or who wants to fight all the time… And I’m saving a fortune by not dating…. To those woman out there who can’t get guys, I know how you feel……. Dating is lady’s choice, so I might as well forget it…… Cause nobody pretty, ever has, or ever will go out with me…. Nice guys don’t get woman, and assholes get them all…… Your wife, girl friend, date, lover, fiancee… That’s just the way it…. With the Holly wood sex scandal, casting couch fallout, If I find a date, I would be too afraid to touch her!!!!! The fear of jail time is too much…. Go be pretty, and go wrongly flaunt it, and leave me to the safety of being alone and single……

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