I’ll keep the kids!

This is rated, P.G. 13.

I’ve spent forty years working In a garage, Isolated from the public. surrounded by rude crude guys, dirty jokes, high jinx, and stupidity. Add two bad marriages, two divorces, and  a lot of hard knocks. Whats Inappropriate to you is normal to me. My comments on divorce, are blunt, and brutally honest. this is a warning. Expect the worst!

Saturday January 3, 13. I heard the new Montgomery – Gentry song, I’ll keep the kids.
I stopped what I was doing and clapped! This song makes a point that every man going threw a divorce has been trying to make for years, but had no voice, got no choice.
In the song, the wife has list of every thing she wants in the divorce. House, cars, furniture, jewelry, virtually every thing the guy has worked for all his life. And stupid Judges will most often give it to her! Not to mention the maxim new boy friend support allowed by flaw law. For cigarettes, drugs, booze, and partying!
In the song,  the warpath wife, forgot to put the kids on the list! This pretty much sums up the female divorce mentality. The husband calls her on the carpet. You can have every thing on the list, I’ll keep the kids.
A man going into divorce court, is a unimportant, invisible creature, with no rights. His only function is pay child support. After they strip him of every he owns! And leaves him homeless.
Custody, forget it! It takes an act of god for a man to get custody. His wife has to be a murderer, druggy, dead, for a guy to get a fair shot. She gets the house, he gets homeless and broke.
justice doesn’t exist!

Sex! forget it! My second wife  told me, if you touch me, your going to jail, sex ain’t part of marriage! And have you been to the bank, wheres my money! When I informed her that when she said I do, she agreed to never cheat on me. My wife said, its my body, I can do any thing I want with it! If you don’t like it, take me to court, they won’t do any thing to me.  They will give me everything!  With a woman, sometimes the whoopee,  ain’t worth the warpath!   Divorce is the screwing you get, for the loving you didn’t get!

The first wife was a serial cheater. But she was quiet about it. Till this one guy, { she was 31, he was 19. } tried to shoot me in my drive way. She bailed him out of jail. she couldn’t understand why I divorced her. She fought me for the kids, then dumped them at her mothers. Her mother raised them. They won’t talk to her.
The second wife liked to play with restraining orders. It made her powerful. If she started a fight, and it did not go her way, she would exercise control over me with a restraining order!   Once she had me at bay, the divorce signed and sealed,  she ignored the kids, in favor of her boy friend.
she died four months after the divorce was final. I owe her estate. I can’t afford to keep my own house, It’s falling apart I’ve no money to fix it.  And legally, can’t do anything a bought it. She had a free  female Lawyer, who was a see you next Tuesday, out to nail me to a cross! I went broke paying my Lawyer to fight her. My Lawyer was a female too. I lost my Ass, and came away feeling like I was ganged up on three against one.
I’ll keep the kids, resonates with all the married and divorced, men out there. Where marriage, and divorce are equally unfair.
I told my dad, I,d have to get laid, ten times a day, for two hundred and fifty years, to make up for the time, money and aggravation, woman have cost me. { this was a joke between father and so, not to be taken seriously. }

The worst part is, I can never get a date! Its impossible! And  making love, not in a woman’s agenda. A good relationship that lasts, never been in one. I’m always in a relationship by my self.      I get lied to, used, cheated on, I get to play financial tag, and I’m it.

Being married, is like your forced pay for a car you can’t own, can’t sell, can’t drive, you have to maintain it, but you can’t stop every Tom, Dick, and Harry from driving your car! I was  paying my wife, to neglect the kids, the house, and me,  keep me celibate, while I supplied her with the time, money, car, to cheat on me!

A friend, has the modern American marriage, he has a wife, kids, responsibility’s, his wife has a boy friend! He takes care of the kids, and can’t do anything a bought it. He can’t afford a divorce, he needs a sitter for the kids when he works, he’s trapped! the court protects her, and won’t help him.  A man  with a wife and kids, is in a trap he can’t get out of. It’s all cost and no rewards.  A man gets caught in a pink steel trap!  And can’t get out of the mess it causes.

I love Italian Wedding soup, I hate weddings. They should make an American divorce soup. Bread and water, with a bitter seasoning, served cold. But then the divorce Judge would take it away from you!

As a song writer, I know, if you can grab a listeners attention the first time they hear a song,  you have something.
My hats off to the song, I,ll keep the kids. For telling it like it is! For all the men who are powerless in marriage, powerless in divorce, powerless to get sex!
May this song go to no. one on the charts.  And still be played ten years from now.  Montgomery – Gentry,   thank you for this song!

If you like my comment, if you have been burned by marriage and divorce, tell your friends on face book a bought this site.

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  1. Gene says:

    Hay Loft Dreamer,

    I think your problem is that you pick wives with your lust instead of your heart & mind. If you choose women who are easy lays then why do you expect them to change after you marry them.

    I have been married three times, the first two ended in divorce. My ex-wives and my second wife’s current husband are counted amongst my best friends. My first wife is not currently married.

    Try including God in your next marriage, my first two marriages did not include Him and they ended in divorce. My third wife and I include God in our lives every day and neither of us has any interest in having the marriage end. We have been married for only 13 years, but it gets better every day.

    God Bless You & Guide Your Actions In The Future,

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