James House

You Just Get Better All The Time.

During my many years of musical obsession that started with the Beatles in December 1963, there have been many favorite songs, and a multitude of bands and artists who have come and gone.  Many are one hit wonders, or the better hit never gets played. 

For instance, you never hear Way You Going Billy, a #2 hit from 1970, I’m With You by Avril  Lavigne, or Something In Red by Laure Morgan. Songs that stand out and stick in your heart are all too often forgotten.   Too many times I  wonder what happened to a singer, or band.

James House is one of those artists. I don’t recall how many hits he had, but one song stands out: You Just Get Better All The Time. The vocals and arrangement make the song profound and timeless.

At the time it was a hit, 1992, I bought the cassette tape for my wife on our anniversary. After the big D, years later, I could never find the tape.  In January 2012 I was turning pages of Guitar Player, and on an add for Wechter guitars I found A picture of James House. 

I was surprised to find he’s a hired gun, playing for Martina McBride, Dwight Yoakam, Diamond Rio, and Rod Stewart. How cool is that! Nice to know James is still around, still playing.  I bought  the CD, Hard Times For An Honest Man, online. I’m very happy to have it. I’d  love to write one song as memorable as You Just Get Better All The Time.

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