Charlie Daniels

We had it all one time. The best song that Charlie Daniels has ever done. It is superlative in every way. I used to have the album Windows on Cassette, and somehow it disappeared over time. So I recently found a used copy of the CD online, basically just to get the one song. It’s not on the greatest hits and it should be. As much as I love Charlie Daniels work, I consider this song to be his absolute best. I wish he had played it in concert when I saw him.

This past December, {2012.}  I bought a used Charlie Daniels Christmas CD for three dollars. The attraction wasn’t just that it was a Charlie Daniels  CD , I only recognized the name of one song , the Christmas Song, the only cover tune on the c.d.. Most artists recording a Christmas album, pick the same twelve songs, as every body else did. Even on collections of Christmas music, you tend to get repeats for certain songs, this c.d. is different.

Charlie Daniels tends to be Hank Williams, meets Led Zeppelin, Merle Haggard, meets Van Halen. Yet has a sound all his own. On this c.d., Charlie sticks to country, with little blue grass, and his trademark guitar work mixed in.
Christmas Time down south, from 1990, is a masterpiece of song  writing, and musical crafting. It does not say who wrote the songs, but there’s not a bad one in the bunch. My favorite is track 5, My Christmas love song to you. Even the Christmas song is very well done. I love Christmas music, It ain’t easy being different. A lot of people hate it. It’s March, 2013, I’m listening to this c.d., if that makes me crazy, so be it. Remember, in the seventy’s people were a poled at the idea of Country Rock. Now Charlie Daniels is an American Icon.

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