Katie Armiger

I almost didn’t go to the Woodstock Fair in Connecticut on Labor Day weekend because I couldn’t get anyone to go with me, and I’d already seen Little Big Town. It was about a 90 minute drive. I had never been there and was curious, so I went anyhow.

On the bill for the day was a singer I’d never heard of named Katie Armiger. I listened to her concert and she sounded really good, even though I didn’t know any of her songs. I went over and met her and bought her CD. I got there as she was leaving, and said “Katie, please don’t leave me!”

Security asked if she wanted to make one more sale, so she came back, talked to me and signed the CD. I apologized because I’d run out of my business cards and didn’t have one to give her. I tried to explain how to get to my site, Her assistant, whom I’d spoken to earlier, spoke up and said she had a card.

Later I would listen to the CD, which turned onto listening over and over for a week. I fell in love with the songs Kiss Me Now, That’s Why, Cry Cry Cry, Scream, Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You, and Strong Enough. The whole CD is really good, but those songs touched me at an emotional level. This whole album and her singing are better than anything that Taylor has done. There is not an annoying song on this whole CD. I’m so glad I saw her show and bought her CD. I can’t figure out why she’s not on the radio. Fact is, I talked to the program director at WCTK at their Snow Ball, and to my surprise, he knew who she was, had heard her in concert, and said she was amazing. When I asked why they weren’t playing her, she told me they’d tried to put her out there, and people didn’t take to her. I don’t understand how other people can’t see how good she is. I hope she does well out there. She has a fan in Massachusetts.

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