Grace Potter Ooh La La!!!

Grace must have made an impression on the music writer at the Boston Herald. I had been reading articles about her before I ever heard her sing. I found a Kenny Chesney CD in a customer’s car and when I saw Grace Potter’s name on one of the songs, I borrowed the CD and listened to it. When I heard You and Tequila Make Me Crazy, I loved her voice. So at Christmas time 2010, I bought her most recent CD. It’s rare for me to like every song on a record or CD, but I’d call this CD an exception. My favorite song would turn out to be #6: Colors.  The first time I listened to it, I was blown away by Paris Ooh La La, an in your face rocker. Then I was shocked, surprised and baffled by #13, Things I Never Needed. I couldn’t believe that she started with something like Zeppelin, and ended with something that was so country you wouldn’t know she was a rocker.  I am totally in love with this album. I haven’t heard her first two C.D.’s yet, but they are on my list. I’d love to see her live, but tickets to Kenny Chesney are hard to come by. Her mantra “I don’t want to be Nora Jones, I want to be Robert Plant” inspired me to go with “I can’t sing and I can’t play, but I refuse to give up and I do it anyway.” Now being a guy, I have to note that I can’t make up my mind who is hotter, Grace or her bass player Catherine. If I was any good, Grace is the girl I’d want in my band. If I was about 30 years younger, well, more than that. I hope she makes it big, as she deserves it. Being from New England is an added bonus.

March 18, 2013.
Since I wrote the original review, Grace went up the charts, and scored a no. 2  hit with Kenny. The video for you and tequila make me crazy was no. 1 for 2011.  Grace seams to be every where. On you tube, there is a documentary, A new C.D. release video, and Grace seems to be singing with everybody. She’s with Heart, Warren Hanes,and others. there are many videos. She’s doing very well. A note of disappointment, Catherine Popper seams to have left the band. Her looks, presence, and excellent bass playing, added to the mystique of the band. Her backup vocals complemented Grace’s lead. I’d like to know why she left.
I’d love to see Grace do an album of Country and, or pop material. As great as a rocker Grace is, Country and ballads, sound natural to her. If only I had the connections, I’d love to have her sing some of my songs. I have a love song Grace and Kenny would have a big hit with.

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