The perks of being, different, missfit, wallflower

There is a bad habit of the Movie Industry, Of making A Movie and advertising It, And the Movie plays In Boston , never comes to a cinema close enough so you can see it. These Movies are often better than the so called block busters. I was lucky, one Movie, was A little out of the way, but close enough to see. I just came home from seeing, Perks of being A wallflower. If you had A really bad time in High School, or like A really well done Movie go see this one. { see it on DVD. }

Staring Emma Watson, who really shines in this story. And, I”m too old too think she”s hot, but she is. I”m old but not blind. The story is about Charlie, A misfit with no friends, till some kids, who refer to them self’s as the island of misfit toys, let him in. The story is multiple layered, and well paced. It touched on many things High School kids go threw.

Often Your lot in High School, started In Elementary School. You get sorted out In A pecking order by bully”s, or the insufferable jerks. most times the people at the top of the pecking order, are not smart enough to be there. I was the invisible, no body, nothing. A few misfits for friends, A loner, no click”s, clubs, sports, no girls, no back seat Olympics, In short, I might as well have been dead. I did badly academically too. I”d do better now than I did then.

I just wanted too be A rock star, so every body would love me. I”m not good at guitar, or singing, that never happened. The girl of my dreams, ( now I know theirs no such thing.) was too good, too smart, too popular, too country club, silver spoon for me. In ninth grade, I was so In love with this girl, I could not do anything. She was going steady with A twelfth grader. He had A car and money, she had A good reason for him to hang around. I never had A chance. Be sides, I was scared to death of her, never asked her out. Thirty years later I ran into her In a store, she stabbed me in the back like every body said she would. she did me a  favor,  I got over her. School days are gone, along with all those self centered kids who did not care about me.

Two other Movies about growing up I recommend are, The art of getting by. the main teenager in the story, could be me. It”s a Good story. Moon rise kingdom. A look at two twelve year old”s, who are A little bit more grown up than adults give them credit for. Bill Murry, is the girls father, Bruce Willis, is A kind hearted cop. I highly recommend the three movies. High School on the other hand, is over rated. The guys that Were cool, played sports, were getting the girls, had fun. The rest of us did not.

The bottom line is I survived. And I don’t need that school, or any of the people who were there. Of all the kids in the school, maybe ten of them  stay in contact with me. I wanted to write songs like the Beatles, school was where it started. I came away with a lot to write a bought.  If I ever make any money writing, I’ll owe it to a girl, and a place in time I hated.  If you like this story, If you had a bad time in school, tell your friends on face book a bought it.

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