Krista Kelly.

Once In Awhile something incredibly cool happens. I went to see A show At the Comcast center In early June, There were two Up and coming Acts on A side stage. The second Act made the biggest Impression. Krista Kelly clearly sparkled on stage, And her songs stood out. An unknown Artist singing original material people have not hear before Is A daunting task. I have A tee, shirt custom made, That says, Marriage! not now I have A headache! I Love too wear this shirt In A crowd, the reactions are priceless, And all over the map. I make my point, with out getting arrested. I was wearing that shirt, standing close too the stage. When Krista sang her song, I’ve got an ex old man and an ex best girl friend, I was laughing and pointing at my shirt. Krista saw the shirt, and was laughing too. I could not get A lady pretty as Krista, too go for coffee with me, never mind indulge In marriage with me. It is hard too believe A Guy In his right mind would dump Her. It’s his lose, and A great song. After the show, I bought Her picture, stood In line too meet her, Krista signed It. we had A funny conversation, My shirt, Her song. I should have got her C.D., and I didn’t .I gave Krista My card, Told Her I have A divorce song on you tube. I hope She looked It up. I,m glad I met Krista, I hope she makes It big. It would be great too see Her again someday, And find out she remembers Me, and my crazy Shirt. Good Luck Krista, Luv, Gary, The Dreamer.

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